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Fantastic icecream at Monte Pelmo in De Jordaan

Monte Pelmo in De JordaanSo I was having dinner in the Westerstraat with Matt. Afterwards we went to look for an icecream place that I thought was nearby and had always wanted to try. I was, however, mistaken: it turned out not to be where I thought it was. While we were wandering rather aimlessly, hoping to still run into the joint, I saw a man eating an icecream. He claimed it was very good and pointed us to a little street. "That's not the one I meant!" I told Matt, but he figured icecream that I did not mean was better than not finding any icecream at all. And boy, was I not sorry!

Monte Pelmo is situated in a charming little street called the Anjeliersstraat in the Amsterdam neighbourhood called De Jordaan. They have a selection of around thirty different favours of icecream. Mundane ones, like lemon sorbet, strawberry and chocolate. But also more exotic ones, like lemon cheesecake, after eight, and a pretty pink bubble gum flavour.

The bubble gum, I am astonished to report, tastes exactly like bubble gum. I had the inclination to stick out my tongue to blow a bubble when I put it in my mouth! The lemon cheesecake flavour also tastes exactly as a good lemon cheesecake should. The strawberry is also very good: sweet, but fragrant. The lemon sorbet is fresh and tangy. What a wonderful discovery!

And a great way to end an afternoon in the sun and a lovely dinner with a friend.

Icecream at Monte Pelmo in De Jordaan in AmsterdamMonte Pelmo
Anjeliersstraat 272
1015 NJ AMsterdam

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