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Best coffee in Amsterdam: top three

capuccino at DE Koffie Cafe in Oud-ZuidAfter my last (overly long) post on coffee, I feel I owe you that top three of best coffee places in Amsterdam. As you must know by now, taste is everything. Coffee should be strong, aromatic and have a full flavour. It should in no event be burnt, ideally there is no grind in the cup.

I like 'koffie verkeerd', or a latte, or even a cappuccino, if I need waking up or am in the mood for luscious foam. If I am in a laidback mood, I will opt for the latte machiatto. The steaming of the milk is therefore also important. I could go on and on about the technique behind this, but I won't.

So currently in third place:
My latte was a little on the lukewarm side, but the coffee had a lusciously deep taste. It was made on a machine that looks like it's from another century. Having tasted the result, as a barista, I'd love to get my hands on it and see how it works.

Second place:
Ok, so I was a little harsh and went on and on about the name of the latte/latte machiatto. The point is, that the coffee itself was very good. It was made with love, and that really is something you can taste.  Beautiful Vibiemme machine.

First place:
Douwe Egberts Koffie Cafe
This place in Oud-Zuid I visit around once a week. I love their coffees, because these people really know their stuff. My morning favourite is a creamy cappuccino with cane sugar. The coffee is strong with a full aroma, the foam is velvety and rich. Some of the baristas practice latte art and make apples, hearts or fern leaves in the foam.

The three places in my top three are not all equal. Two I've been to only once yet, whereas the cafe in first place is one I've been to many times. This is what makes it hard to beat. I know the quality is consistent, the service is excellent and the people are always nice. In time I will visit other places, and I will revisit places I've been to before.

The top three may change! I will keep you posted.

Douwe Egberts Koffie Café
Cornelis Schuytstraat 50
1071 JL Amsterdam

Koningin Wilhelminaplein 60-62
1062 KS Amsterdam

Dish Global Kitchen
Overtoom 255
1054 HW Amsterdam

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  1. Not anymore. Stumptown Coffee at Albert Cuypstraat 101

  2. I know! I read about this before Levi and I left for Asia, but it opened after we departed.

    I think they’re still there after June (are they?), I will be sure to try Stumptown coffee then! And I’ll wear my nifty hat when I go. I think it’s just the place for it :)

  3. Stumptown is from my old stomping grounds, Seattle! Seattle coffee definitely beats anything I’ve had since moving to Holland, it’s simply a marvel how great it is. But if I do have to pick for something more typically Amsterdam, I’m personally a fan of de Koffie Salon.

    I’ll try your recommendations soon!

  4. I’m sorry but I’ve been testing espressobars in Amsterdam for the last three years and this is not a good update. There are quiet a few shops that are a lot better then your top3

  5. For instance there is Lungocchino wich is really good, a shops on nieuwezijds voorburgwal and corner of nieuwezijds kolk (amsterdam’s best barista owns this store), then you’ve got near the douwe egberts shop and de koffie salon is really good as well

  6. Yes, I’ve heard of the Koffiesalon from Gwen as well, it is on my list of must-visits. Also had a tip to try Stumptowm, although they may have left Amsterdam already by now…

    I haven’t tried all the coffeeplaces in Amsterdam yet, I may well never succeed in doing so.

    By the way, I would never claim to be the know-all-and-end-all of everything coffee. I’m just a girl who likes her coffee and this is nothing more than a list of the best of my experience, subject to change, as it has, since Douwe Egberts is no longer in first place.

    Thanks for the reply Jimmy, I’ll see how your tips add to my experience!

  7. One of the best new cafes for a great cup of coffee and a piece of cake or toasted panini is “Coffeebar Ludwig” near Dapperstraat. Great vibe and free WIFI. Would highly recommend this cafe if you are near the Dappermarket. It is open from 8:00am-6:00pm and the address is Eerste van Swindenstraat 547.

  8. Help me find this place. Coffee & pastry shop located on Zeedijk. Has a very large antique coffee machine. Anyone know the name? Was there in December 2011.

  9. That would probably be Hofje van Wijs (since 1792). There’s a cafe and also a shop where you can buy all sorts of coffee? I believe they ship the coffee too (Wijs & Zonen).

    I once bought an amazing pound of moccha beans there. They changed the selection and I have not been able to buy it agin. I still dream about it sometimes ;)

    This is their website:

  10. Thanks, but this is not the place.
    Did not sell coffee beans,only on site coffee & pastry. The cafe’ is located between the Buddist Temple & the end of the street toward Central Station,if I recall correctly. Large coffee machine on the left as you walk in.

  11. My lady friend tells me this cafe’ was somewhere near the Noodermart,the Monday flea market. Maybe near Prinsengracht Or maybe we crossed the canal?

  12. Oh dear… Noordermarkt is not near the Zeedijk at all! If you widen the search area by this much, there’s a very large amount of coffee places in the area!

    Why’re you looking for this specific place? Anything extraordinary that might help the search?

  13. Sorry for the confusion. Her memory is better than mine. I’ve been to the dam about 15 times but never in this area. We walked from the Noordermarkt back toward Central Station.
    I’m interested to find the location because of the wonderful, large [like 2 meters tall], antique, coffee machine they have. Again, this is not a coffee shop…..Only sells on site coffee & pastry.
    Anyone who has been there will remember the coffee machine….
    Thanks for your interest in helping.

  14. Hi i’m italian I live in amsterdam and the best cappuccino in amsterdam you can find in Utrechtsestraat 18. Is very good and not expensive. The espresso is so cool too, but the cappuccino is the best in Amsterdam.

  15. Eye Bar-Restaurant!The bar of the new EYE FILM INSTITUTE!Great coffee made by actual baristas!Seem to be my new local..

  16. I want my guests from abroad taste the best coffee we have in Amsterdam.
    In Ireland (Galway) I had a similar tasteful coffee like the one they serve at Douwe Egbert’s. Beautiful decorations as a finishing touch.

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