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Metropolitan Deli: a girl’s best friend

outside Metropolitan DeliMy friend Matt took me to Metropolitan Deli in Amsterdam's Warmoesstraat for a welcome home treat. We had lunch at another place first, as he explained to me that the deli is more of a place for coffee, sweets and goodness. And boy, is it good.

From the outside it looks fresh, the bold black and red letters of the name invite you in. The store itself is light and airy and is stocked to the rafters with goodies. Chocolate, icecream, chocolate cake, fresh and dried fruits dipped in chocolate, coffee, fruitshakes, I'm like a kid in a candy store, it all looks so good, I want something of everything!

coffee menu at Metropolitan DeliMatt makes us pace ourselves and we have a cup of coffee first. We sit at the bar on the long wall, watching tourists and locals in breezy tops and shorts contemplate the mouthwatering ice cream selection. My latte is seriously good: flavoursome and creamy. Matt's doppio espresso is sour, then intense, warm and deep, with a longlasting smooth aftertaste. The coffee is relatively affordable too, at E2,25 for the latte and E1,60 for a single and E2,60 for a double espresso.

Lots of organic chocolate
In the back of the store is the organic chocolate selection, with brands like Pacari, Original Beans, Becks Cocoa and Ã…kesson's. There are also items by Metropolitan Deli's chocolatier Kees Raat himself: chocolate coated marshmallows, dried orange slices dipped in chocolate, marble sized rice crispy balls, chocolate covered almonds and more. If you haven't had enough of the brown gold by then, you can also lather yourself with Dutch Cacao body lotion.

When we've finished our coffee, we go for some ice cream. I opt for the Black Mamba and Lemon Cake flavours. Matt gets three scoops and goes for the Black Mamba, Campari Blood Orange and Rhubarb varieties. My Lemon Cake indeed tastes of lemon, but is more sweet than tart and fluffily creamy to the point where it reminds me a little bit of marshmallows. Good, but I don't think I will revisit it.

Black Mamba ice cream at Metropolitan Deli in AmsterdamBlack ice cream
The Black Mamba is made of cherries, all natural and... seriously black. It is an enigma to my eyes and tastebuds. Traditionally, food that is black is either burnt or spoiled, so my eyes tell me: "That can't be right!" But it is sweet and tart and fingerlickin' good. I am also in love with Matt's Campari Blood Orange ice cream and steal more than one little spoonful from his cup.

Matt also got me a  bag of the chocolate rice crispies I'd been ogling. They make you think of Maltesers, but without the overbearing sweetness. Very nice!

This place ought to have 1. a suggestion box so that 2. I could suggest that they sell an 'all you can taste'-voucher, for people like me, who want to try everything in the store. As it is though, I will have to come back here many, many times (with Levi! He will love the coffee here) to revisit the amazing black ice cream and try new things.

Metropolitan Deli
Warmoesstraat 135
1012JB Amsterdam

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  1. You forgot to mention the lovely girl helping us ;-) She has the most amazing eyes (even my colleague mentioned it before I told him we went to Metropolitan Deli) Sorry, I got carried away …. While slowly dying from the heat I can only think of 1 thing. BLACK MAMBA and CAMPARI BLOOD ORANGE and lots of it!!!

  2. Haha great review about the shop! Its the best side job in the world!

  3. Matt! It’s her! It’s her! The girl with the lovely eyes! Nice of you to drop in, Sofie :)

  4. ;-)) We should definitely go to Metropolitan Deli again very soon.

  5. hahaha how could you be so certain Im that person! You should stop by again though we’ve expended in products, and regulars get special treatement!

  6. Hm…… The weather is getting to be really nice, it sure would be nice to get an icecream at Metropolitan Deli again! And I could ALWAYS eat chocolate :D

  7. If you like fruity flavours like the black mamba, youll probably gonna love our mandarin or yoghurt Orange ice cream.. tastes like SUMMER!

  8. I will drop by this week for my first icecream of this season. Yoghurt Orange mmmm sounds delicious. Sofie, what’s the best day ;-)? Early summer it is!

  9. Defenitly Fridays and saturday nights!

  10. I’ll ought to come back again when my class load lets up – on the other hand I am taking your RSS feed so I can study your web site offline. A lot of.

  11. Yoghurt Orange icecream sound really nice! I could do with a dose of summer! Got back from trip to Italy this week and man, is Amsterdam lacking in the Summer department! Where’s the sun?! Matt, when shall we go?

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