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New students in Amsterdam

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, it may be known that I have decided to go back to school. It's been a while since I last had classes! I'm still getting into the swing of things.

The funny thing is, I noticed some other girls in the centre of Amsterdam, obviously new students, who had obviously joined a sorority and who were quite obviously being hazed. I couldn't stop myself from taking a picture to share with you, before I got on the underground.

Hazing new arrivals in Amsterdam city centre

the girls in the white shirts are the pledges, the girls with the mad hair their masters...

Judging from the dirty hand prints on the pledges' white t-shirts, they've been through a few things already. Let's hope it doesn't get any worse than this (standing in a corner, because they have been bad?)  and that they'll be allowed to have mad hair like the other girls soon...

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  1. I wonder how much hair gel they had to use.

  2. Yes! How interesting! I was so preoccupied, I hadn’t even wondered how the mad hair got so mad! Perhaps they had some sort of contraption hidden beneath the hair, to hold it up?

  3. Hazing includes too often humiliations, violence and, concerning the girls, sexual abuse !
    It is time to forbid it !

  4. I’m not sure about the violence and sexual abuse. I sort of think that people should sort out for themselves what they do and do not want to do.

    Some people swear by the whole student sorrority/fraternity thing. But I’ve never understood the point of hazing. Forming bonds under duress, bla bla. What about trust and just general kindness? Or is the lesson exactly that the world is a harsh place and that you should trust your ‘friends’ least of all?

    But still not sure about violence and sexual abuse. Not a thing generally heard. Lots of alcohol abuse and humiliation yes. Can you name sources? Point us to newsarticles maybe?

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