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Four reasons to go to Fyra in Amsterdam

It was our anniversay today. Levi took me out for a surprise dinner. The surprise was not in that we went to dinner, it was the place he took me to. He was so pleased with himself for having found it, quite by accident, it made me really curious! He took me to Fyra, in the Noorderstraat in Amsterdam.

Fyra means 'four'. It's worth wandering off the beaten path for. First of all, it's not so very far from the beaten path. The location is a short walk away from the Muntplein. It's a quiet sidestreet off the Vijzelgracht. Second of all, the interior looks great. Classy, but not pretentious. A comfortable chic. The art on the walls may or may not be to your taste, but it's colourful and adds to the atmosphere.

interior of restaurant Fyra in the Noorderstraat, AmsterdamAnd the people, third of all, are so very nice, they make you feel at home. Truly. I can't really explain it. It was just the way they treated you as a real person, with sincere interest and hospitality. It's actually quite unusual in Amsterdam, where disinterested staff is the norm.

Last but not least: the food. It's not the kind of fare I usually have. As it turns out, duck liver parfait is not my thing. But the catch of the day was a sort of sandwich of a white fish (I forgot its name!) with a filling of tasty little shrimps and a beurre blanc sauce. Wow.

Then there was  a course which consisted solely of meat. Our hostess called it "succade", which is a piece of the bovine that is not often used in restaurants I think It can be tough, but this was cooked slowly and lovingly for probably hours. It was soft and the red wine sauce very tasty.

The main course turned out to be a barbequed piece of American Black Angus steak, which was so tender it hardly needed chewing at all. Double wow. There were seasonal vegetables and a tiny sliver of gratin to accompany it. Dessert was a tiny warm chocolate pie with a melted center, accompanied by vanilla ice cream and a dribble of passionfruit sauce. Tripple wow.

So there. Four reasons to go Fyra. Johannes van Dam, probably the most famous restaurant reviewer in the Netherlands, gave this place a 10-, which is about as close to perfect as you can get. I'm not sure I would rate it that high, but I did very much love the whole experience.

Sidenote: Fyra is a ways above the pricerange I normally visit. A 3-course (set) menu is 32 euro, 4 courses 38 euro. The chef's menu (5 surprise courses, which may or may not include duck liver parfait) is E49,50.

Open 6 days a week, from 6 until 10 pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

Noorderstraat 19-23
1017TR Amsterdam (only in Dutch)

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