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Meet Silvia

Latest addition to our household: espresso machine Rancilio SilviaA few weeks ago I told you about our new espresso machine, Silvia. I said she was gorgeous, but I had not made a photo of her at the time. Well, here she is (click for larger image).

Levi and I got some new beans to try, the Aficionado from Brandmeesters (they are located conveniently closeby, can you tell?). Now that one packs a punch! Levi loves it. For me, I think Sodade is still the favourite.

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  1. I have to see her in real life once and of course have a nice coffee :P

  2. Sure! Just let me know when’s good for you!

  3. We love this machine, having only ever been impressed with commercial espresso machines where were surprised how well it extracted at various grind levels and produced impressive micro foam.

    We were able to produce latte art easily, and believe for the home Barista this is a great choice.

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