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Meneer Nilsson and Groupon lose the plot

Seth and Judy gifted us a Groupon dinner at Meneer Nilsson for our birthday. My very first Groupon experience was through Seth and Judy, so I smiled at the gift.

Last weekend however, we discovered that the voucher was not valid for the customary 6 months or so, but only two months! And it's expiring 31 May. So we figured we'd better make a reservation right quick. But when we call the place, the boy on the telephone tells us that we cannot. His boss has told him that he is not allowed to take any more Groupon reservations. Excuse me?

Too many people are making reservations and therefore, he's not allowed to take any anymore. "But how can that be?" I ask. And the boy says: "It's not my fault, you can send a complaint to my boss," and he proceeds to give me his boss' name and e-mail address.

So we do. And the boss replies: "It's not my fault that everyone decides to wait until the last moment before making a reservation." He replies via e-mail that he can only give us a week's extension. When I come home from school after ten pm, Levi tells me the news and we decide to call right away to try and make a reservation.

But again! The girl on the phone tells Levi they're all booked up and she is not allowed to take any Groupong reservations. None! We got that e-mail today. No effort is made to find a solution. It's like running into a brick wall.

You know what, we understand that it's a hassle if people try en masse to make a reservation at the last moment. But what bothers me, is that no honest effort seems to be made to find a solution. What bothers me, is that all Meneer Nilsson says is, "It's not my fault." But isn't it? How many vouchers were sold? How were the reservations handled? How are you handling this problem now?

What bothers me, is that someone paid good money for this voucher, but that Meneer Nilsson seems intent on closing their eyes and ears and going "Nananananananana," hoping we'll go away.

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