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Poptasi: glorious macarons in Amsterdam

Poptasi macarons in De Pijp, AmsterdamWhen I was last in France, I saw brightly coloured macarons in every patisserie shop window. But every time I wanted to get one, the shops were closed for lunch! When finally I got my hands on one, it was overly sweet and not at all tasty. Just glaze-shatteringly sweet.

I had a craving for macarons the other day and looked up where one can buy them in Amsterdam. Turns out there's a shop in De Pijp that's dedicated solely to macarons. It goes by the odd name of Poptasi. The friendly salesman was also the chef: Patrick van Drie.

Poptasi rocks
Poptasi window in De Pijp, AmsterdamPaying with your bank card (and pin) earns you a macaron for tasting. I followed Patrick's recommendation and chose the vanilla macaron. It sounds boring (maybe), but I assure you, what a glorious, glorious macaron that was. Rich! Creamy! These. Are. The. Real. Deal.

Other favourites include the citron and the pistacchio flavoured macarons. Pure flavour, sweet, but not overly so. Perfect, crumbly, moist pieces of heaven. There are so many more to try, I can't wait for the next occasion to make the trip!

Also very reasonably priced, for a box with 8 macarons you pay only 8 euros.

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