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Maternity leave: I finally get it

Yeah, so... Never having been pregnant before, I had no idea what the whole maternity leave thing was about and what it was for. At 33 weeks, I figured things were still going quite well, even in spite of the pregnancy diabetes (or, paradoxically, perhaps because of it), so I told my manager I would keep working until end of week 36, and then take my leave.

Of course, a couple of days after I told him this, my energy levels dropped and my sugar levels soared. With only two more weeks to go, I started working from home. This meant cutting out the 2 hour commute and allowed me to sleep in, which I gratefully took advantage of.

With hindsight, I would have done well to take leave earlier. This being our firstborn however, I figured I would love the extra few weeks at the end of my leave, when the baby was born, instead of... at the end of my pregnancy, when I didn't really know what I was going to do with myself.

But now, I get it! The point is exactly this: not having to work. Not having to do so much anymore. Taking the rush out of life. First of all, you have an enormous belly, so there is physically no way in the world that you could rush anyways. Also, you have less energy, because let's face it, building a child really cuts into your energy reserves.

For the first time since becoming pregnant, I am relaxed. I do have a list of things I am trying to get done. Like packing a bag for the hospital. Washing babyclothes. Deciding on cards. Collecting everyone's addresses for the cards. You know, stuff. And one by one, I am getting these done. In between appointments with the OB, and pregnancy classes, and pregnancy yoga.

Pregnancy leave: I love it!

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