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A declaration of intent

So. I had a meeting this afternoon with Kari, owner of her own networking business and website for expats. I had no idea what to expect, as we'd been brought together by a mutual friend, who suggested the meet when the subject of my pitiful career came up. He offered to help and so has she. Kari turns out to be a lovely person, passionate, kind and enthusiastic.

We ordered coffee (I had a latte macchiato, which was presented in a glass, as it should be, so as best to show the layer of milk, a layer of coffee and a top layer of foam, pretty as a picture) and sandwiches and I ended up with mayonaise on my face, which Kari kindly pointed out to me.

So much for an introduction to me: I'm the girl with the mayonaise on her face during the first meeting. I am also the girl who laughs the loudest when these things happen. I'm Annabelle. Or Belle, for short.

The meeting with Kari was lovely, as I said. Ok, so she won't be able to pay me anything, but she'd love for me to write for her website The plan is to repay me in advice and she'll plug me in where she sees opportunity.

I, on my part, would love to write for her. Anything, she said, as long as it has to do with Amsterdam. Having moved here for love a few short years ago, I love few things more than discovering Amsterdam. Just last week I found this great place for lunch and coffee, all organic too, so good vibes along with wonderful taste. And a lovely little shop with t-shirts and urban art in the Nine Little Streets... It would be great to write about these things!

All we have so far, is a declaration of intent. I write for her, she promotes me. But you know, even if that doesn't work out, I come up on top, because I met someone really nice and call me a softie, but that's a gain in my book.

We talked about dreams, what we do, what we'd like to do and she encouraged me. "Start a blog," she said. She wasn't the first to give me this exact advice. So here we are. And here is a declaration of intent from me:

I'll tell you about my life, about Amsterdam, where I live and love, about my search for a meaningful career and about all the things that can occupy the mind of a girl of roundabout thirty. I will share my experiences about gorgeous food, amazing shops, good coffee, fashion finds, great people and even, occasionally, the weather.

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