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Great restaurant in the centre of Amsterdam: P.King

Restaurant P.King is right in the centre of Amsterdam, on the corner of the Herengracht and the Vijzelstraat, a mere few minutes' walking distance from Pathé De Munt cinema.

I've passed it by on my bike at least a dozen times. Yesterday, having got tickets for Sherlock Holmes at De Munt, I was looking for a place to have a bite with my friend Matt We did not relish going to one of the tourist traps on or around the Rembrandtplein and then I thought of P.King.
The atmosphere is trendy, a little retro, but very relaxed and the staff is friendly. It's the kind of place you can dress up for, but can also visit dressed casually. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the menu consists of mostly Chinese food, as you would expect from a restaurant called P.King.
Excellent starters
The lady behind the bar kindly informed us that we would not be able to order main dishes until 5pm. Because of the movie, we were there very early, but we didn't mind.
We ordered Peking duck with steamed pancakes and a selection of steamed and fried dim sum (the Chinese officially regard dim sum as lunchsnacks, but are on P.King's dinnermenu as starters) instead. Having only starters was in no way a punishment. I love to have all these little dishes on the table, a veritable feast for my tastebuds.

The Peking duck is a dish I've had before but sadly it is not always done right. At P.King however, they did it justice. Six perfect, thin pancakes, hoi sin sauce and cucumber and spring onions cut into julienne strips. It requires a little do-it-yourself assembly: smearing hoi sin on the pancake, laying out the cucumber and spring onion strips and placing the duck on top, and finally rolling it all up. Excellent!

Right in the centre, but not a tourist trap
The restrooms are up a flight of stairs and when I finally had to go, I was in for a surprise: on this floor there's a big lounge, with tables and chairs and benches with cushions under the windows.

Service was fast and the bill afterwards was E41,60 (including two beers and two fresh mint tea), feeding two on an assortment of starters. All in all, a very pleasurable experience. A very nice restaurant right in the centre, but away from the maddening crowd. Great food, a nice atmosphere and good company. What more could a girl ask for?

Herengracht 515
1017 BV Amsterdam