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Levi and I are buying a house. Well, it's not an actual house (this is Amsterdam, practically no one lives in an actual house), it's an apartment. But it has nearly twice as much floorspace as our present place. It has two bedrooms, an actual kitchen and a bathroom and there will be space enough for an actual table. I love it!

houseOur offer has been accepted and we are presently sorting out the financing. It's a place in the borough known as De Baarsjes. Not the poshest neighbourhood in Amsterdam, but up-and-coming and, due to Levi's recent change in jobs and the crisis that's been ruling the world since 2008, suddenly within our reach.

It's all gone so fast, I think that's one of the reasons why I have such a hard time wrapping my head around it. We decided to start looking only a few short weeks ago. Levi has been wanting to buy a house since forever. Recently he saw houses coming on the market for around E150.000,- and he figured we might as well take a look. We got mortgage advice, just to know if we could afford looking and as it turns out, the pieces fit.

We put in a bid for an apartment with two bedrooms, lots of light and a balcony facing west last Monday and we received word on the acceptance of the bid on Wednesday. It's exciting, lovely, GREAT! But also daunting, scary and huge.