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A cool morning latte at Espressofabriek

Espressofabriek at Westergasfabriek AmsterdamIt's a Monday morning and I am in the Espressofabriek, on the Westergasfabriek terrain in West. The sky is overcast and it's a cool day. The space, with the big open door to the terrace, is also cool, as is the welcome. The guy behind the counter wears a funny BA Baracus t-shirt, but he's not smiling.

Did a shipment just come in? There are boxes on the counter and the space behind the counter is a mess. My latte is made without much enthusiasm or flair, but it comes with beautiful latte art (you know, figures in the foam) and a small glass of water.

The latte is small and, at E2,40, a little on the expensive side. But how nice it is. Smooth, strong, full. The milk is creamy, the foam soft and lovely. It makes me want to break my one-coffee-a-day-principle almost immediately after I finish. Oh darn, I forgot to take a picture, now I simply must get another coffee.

Single shot latte macchiato at Espressofabriek AmsterdamTerrace in the sun at Westergas
At some point in the afternoon BA Baracus man is replaced with a nice girl. She makes my second coffee (a single shot latte macchiato, E2,60) for me and eventhough she spills a little water over my croissant when she sets the tray down, she is hospitable and really sweet and more than makes up for t-shirt guy's morning coolness. Thanks to her, I spend the rest of my afternoon outside in the sun.

The coffee is made on a gorgeous lever action Mirage. The beans used for the coffee are Ethiopian Gaya Amaro organic espresso and Kenia Espresso Arabica. They can be bought for use at home and if you are not in possession of a grinder, Espressofabriek will grind them for you.

There are sweet snacks, like prepackaged cinnamon rolls and Donny Craves organic oatmeal and raisin cookies, but nothing in the way of actual food, like sandwiches.

Espressofabriek at the Westergas is open from 9.30am until 6pm from Monday through Friday and from 10am until 6pm on weekend days. There is also a branch on the other side of town, in IJburg. Free wifi is available for guests, the password is 'espresso'. 

Gosschalklaan 7
1014 DC Amsterdam


The shop that has it all: Friday Next

Once in a while you find that rare thing: a shop that has it all. Friday Next in the centre of Amsterdam, near the Leidseplein, offers everything from clothes and bags to furniture, art, jewelry, even bicycles, and also houses a great café inside the shop.

The taste in goods is amazing: the designs are functional, clear, yet at the same time homy and comfortable. Sitting down in the café is like sitting down in someone's living room. And there's so much to see, it's hard to keep your seat.

Wannahaves and great café
There was an ingenious bookcase I want to have, an amazing filigrain ring and matching pair of earrings, gorgeous necklaces, there were wonderful plates depicting parts of old maps of Amsterdam and lots and lots of other things I'd love to own.

The people who work at Friday Next are all very friendly and helpful, from the girl in the café to the girl at the cashregister. I had a passable latte and the most luscious, aromatic, fluffy apple and cinamon muffin and a pecan and maple slice. The slice was more of a wedge, really, covered in a thin layer of good chocolate and it was rich and nutty and sweet.

Prices are a bit steep (E2,50 for a latte), but still this is a place I'll come back to. If only to check out all the finds when the new collections are out. Any place with taste this good, with so much to offer for all your senses deserves a place in Amsterdam!

Friday Next
Overtoom 31
1054 HB Amsterdam