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Another find in the 9 Little Streets: Nooch

inside view of Nooch in the 9 Litte Streets in AmsterdamI had dinner at Nooch in the 9 Little Streets with my friend Matt. Nooch serves all manner of Asian kitchens, including Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese. The atmosphere is modern and friendly. We were early, so we had the place all to ourselves for a little while.

The menu consists of different kinds of small bites, but also offers bigger dishes for those among us who don't like small bites. Me, I love small bites, and I love to share. We had Tender Beef, Mandarin Pancakes and Chinese Pearls. It was all very good, the beef melting on your tongue, the Chinese Pearl in quaint small crispy cups.

But the high point of the evening came when Matt insisted we order the Fried Yuki Sushi, and, because he couldn't pick between the one or the other, the Crispy Salmon Tuna Sushi as well. I was in love! Crispy outside, moist and fresh inside.

delicious Crispy Salmon Tuna Sushi and Fried Yuki Sushi at Nooch in Amsterdam

It was a great experience. The friendly staff, the excellent and affordable food and the wonderful location in the charming 9 Little Streets are all good reasons to make a return visit.

Amsterdam restaurant Nooch from the outsideNooch
Reestraat 11
1016 DM Amsterdam