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Raw Materials on the Rozengracht

There's this store that we've passed by half a dozen times (must have been Sundays, because the store was always closed), that we've been dying to visit: Raw Materials on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam.

Raw Materials on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam, photo courtesy of Raw Materials


Last Saturday we were on a mission for all kinds of house-related things in Amsterdam. It was cold and slippery outside because of the snow, but off we went, on our bicycles to the Nine Little Streets, the Gamma behind Westerpark and more. As we were riding our bikes on the Rozengracht, we noticed that Raw Materials was open and went in for a look at last.

Raw Materials on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam, photo courtesy of Raw MaterialsThe first thing I noticed was how gorgeous all the materials are. Raw, unpolished, tactile, pure. I loved it! The second thing I noticed, was how enormous the store is. Much, much larger than I had ever expected, judging from the outside. Filled with furniture, leatherware, homeware, decorations and more.

Third thing of note: the prices. I know, it's a trendy store in the heart of Amsterdam, of course it is not going to be cheap, but some of the items were very pricey indeed. Or maybe it's just my fault, for wanting so many things that it became too much for my bank account to bear?

Levi and I walked out of the store with an old Belgian school chair in an lovely seagreeny-blue colour (sorry, best I could do colour-name wise).


Raw Materials on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam, photo courtesy of Raw MaterialsRaw Materials
Rozengracht 231
1016 NA Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Closed on Sundays


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Tuesday night scavenging in Amsterdam

I go to school on Tuesdays and come home late at night. On one of these Tuesdays I noticed a white van in our street and two people on the curb, checking out some stuff that was left there. Maybe I should clarify: Wednesday is garbage day in our neighbourhood. Not just regular garbage, but furniture and big stuff gets hauled off by the city workers.

So on Tuesday nights people leave their old furniture, tables, chairs, laundry racks, refrigerators, tvs, sofas, etc on the stoep. And other people rummage through the things that are there, to see if there's anything good they'd like to haul back home. Tuesday nights in Amsterdam are like a big garage sale. And some perfectly good things are left at times!

It's one of the things I love about living in Amsterdam. Truth be told, if I had a bigger house, I'd have a wide range of different chairs by now, the cutest set of drawers, etc. But as we don't have any room, all I've salvaged so far is one simple wooden chair.

But I'd never heard of people driving around town in vans, purposefully looking for things to take away! I know I shouldn't be surprised, not everyone is as haphazard about these things as I am. I take it as I go. If I'm lucky, I will run into something, if not, then I guess it was not meant to be. I only just now realise that there are people who go about Tuesday nights on the stoep in a very businesslike manner. I understand it, but it's just so... unromantic!

Tuesday night scavengers with white van in Amsterdam (red circle is where the scavengers are, white circle is around the refridgerator in question)