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Haarlemmerstreet holiday lights

Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstreet holiday lights 2010I love the way the city is decorated during the holiday season.

My favourite this year is the Haarlemmerstreet, with its romantic white bowers and red hearts. Generally speaking, I'm no fan of the cold LED light, but if it's used this way, it's all ok with me!


Coffee and pie on a Sunday

Levi and I have been wanting to go to Unlimited Delicious in the Haarlemmerstraat for some time. Their name does what it is supposed to: it makes you drool at the thought of their chocolates and cakes, pies and coffee.

So today is Sunday and after a hard week and a long Saturday night, we'd planned to go to Unlimited Delicious. Relax, have some coffee, try a few pies and take home some chocolate. But it's closed.

We're still going out, but we'll see where we end up!