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Hotel Arena: gorgeous and affordable

bedroom at Hotel Arena, photo by antidigital_daMy friend Jay came over for a visit from London with his girlfriend. She's allergic to cats and so they looked for a nice hotel somewhere, rather than staying with us in our flat. Besides, it was their anniversary weekend, so the idea of sleeping on a mattress on the floor wasn't all that romantic. They ended up in Hotel Arena in Amsterdam East.

Hotels in Amsterdam can be really expensive. Hotel Arena is a ways from the centre, but it's gorgeous! And surprisingly affordable to boot (Jay said he only paid 51 pounds per person per night, not bad eh?). We rented bicycles for Jay and his girl, so the distance from the city wasn't a problem and the weather was great.

Fun stuff in Amsterdam east
The hotel is close to Oosterpark and the Artis Zoo. But with bicycles at our disposal, it's easy to go anywhere really. So we went to the clothes market at Waterlooplein and had quiche and pie at De Laatste Kruimel (one of my favourites!) on Saturday. Jay and Sarah had a lovely dinner at Café Maxwell on Sunday. Levi pointed him in the direction of that little gem. Jay was so enthusiastic about the place, I'm dying to go there too now.

Jay told me to tip you guys this site for cheap flights to and hotels in Amsterdam. I've never heard of them before, but Jay's usually good about doing his homework.

Chandeliers at Hotel Arena in Amsterdam East, photo by antidigital_daBathroom at Hotel Arena in Amsterdam, photo by antidigital_daUpstairs hallway at Hotel Arena in Amsterdam East, photo by antidigital_da

Hotel Arena
's-Gravesandestraat 51
1092 AA Amsterdam, Nederland
+31 20 - 850 24 00