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Life is like a bunch of cherries

sweet black cherries from the turkish corner storeThe tv is on, but the sound is off, because there are commercials on. I am eating some delicious black cherries that I bought from our neighbourhood Turkish store. They are juicy and sweet and they taste as good as cherries do in your dreams.

I love our Turkish corner store. It is one of the best things about our neighbourhood in West. His fruit and veg are fresh and cheaper than at the supermarket.

Through the open window Spanish guitar music softly drifts up to our apartment on the fourth floor. It's a mystery to me where it might possibly come from. It's beautiful. As I pop another cherry in my mouth life suddenly feels very good.


First period passed!

Of course I have a life outside this blog. It's been intruding on my writing for this blog lately. I have so many great finds I want to share with you! But between studying and working, it's much harder to find the time. So I will owe you my review of restaurants Nooch and of Brix, and for now will simply tell you a little good news.

I've passed all my exams of the first period! I got my last result today and I'm so happy. It's been so long since I last had exams, that it was hard to figure out how hard I had to study beforehand. I always prefer to err on the side of caution, so I threw myself into the whole process with abandon. I really don't want to have to resit anything. It saves me time if I get it right the first time, right? And so I did! Yay!

So there. Nothing you can take with you on your exploration of Amsterdam, but a little piece of life, as it's intruding on my blog.