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De Proeverij at Landmarkt Amsterdam

Levi has this thing for organic food. He wants to know that any piece of meat that lands on his plate comes from an animal that's had a good (and preferably full) life. Organic tomatoes are less watery and have more flavour, as do organic potatoes and cucumbers, etc. My mum pointed out to us that a new market place has opened its doors in Amsterdam East: Landmarkt Amsterdam.

I had a dinner date with my mum this evening (Levi had other plans) and she took me to De Proeverij, which is the restaurant at Landmarkt.

kitchen @ De Proeverij

photo courtesy of Landmarkt website

Great food
Well now! The staff is uncannily friendly (so unlike the rest of Amsterdam) and has a sense of humour. We ordered squid, fries and a ceasar salad. The salad was quite chunky and was amply sprinkled with parmesan and anchovies. The fries were made from unpeeled potatoes (which I love, it gives them more taste), golden brown and crunchy. But the squid was the best thing: incredibly fresh, and therefore soft and fleshy. Fried in oil with garlic. Yum!

The squid is listed with the snacks, and the fries as a side dish (very reasonably priced at E4,50 and E1,50) (yes, you read that right, the charge you E1,50 for a big bowl of fries with mayonaise... Also unheard of in Amsterdam). The ceasar salad was E7,- There are also soups, rolls, steak, fish and daily specials.

Fresh as can be
The ingredients are so fresh because they are obtained right there at the market. What's on offer at the market determines what's on the menu. Occupying a corner of an indoor market place has its advantages!

Because Landmarkt is located in a former greenhouse, De Proeverij's interior looks light, fresh and wholesome. If you go shopping for groceries (most if not all of the groceries found here are either organic or regional) after you've visited De Proeverij, then you will find that the butcher is also a man with a hearty sense of humour and that the girl at the register is very friendly as well. It's almost like being in another country!

Of course, to get to Landmarkt and De Proeverij, you do have to make somewhat of a trip, as it's not located anywhere near the city centre. But let me tell you: it's worth it.

Landmarkt on a Google mapLandmarkt Amsterdam and De Proeverij
Schellingwouderdijk 339 Amsterdam

Monday-Sunday: noon - 10pm
Tel: 020-4904366

Monday-Saturday: 8am- 8pm
Sunday:      noon-6pm
Tel: 020-4904333


Sandwiches at Homemade in Amsterdam

Homemade in the centre of Amsterdam

Since Unlimited Delicious was closed, we forewent our original plan of chocolate, coffee and pie on a Sunday afternoon. Instead, we ended up at Homemade near the Koningsplein in the centre of Amsterdam, after we ran our errands and took a stroll through the centre. Homemade is one of our favourite new lunchplaces.

The coffee is ok here, the staff usually friendly and the atmosphere is homey, with natural materials like bamboo referring to the organic nature of the fare. And the fare, now thát is the major reason for going to Homemade. The sandwiches are delicious and, as the name of the place says, everything is homemade.

The choice in sandwiches varies from beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese, pine kernels, rocket and homemade truffle mayonaise (to die for), to wild salmon with avocado, cucumber, red onion and homemade wasabi ricotta cream. Which bread is used for which sandwich seems to depend on the chef's whimsy, but to be honest, I've never had a disappointing sandwich here yet.

Most sandwiches also come as wrap and besides sandwiches and wraps they also serve salads and soups. Homemade strives to use only organic ingredients and tries to use ecofriendly or biodegradable materials, for instance in their takeaway packaging.

Sandwiches at Homemade in Amsterdam

Buffalo mozzarella and Club Chicken sandwich at Homemade in Amsterdam

This time Levi and I opted for the Club Chicken and the Buffalo Mozzarella. In true Belle-and-Levi style, we split our sandwiches and shared. The mozzarella sandwich was the more subtle, with thick slices of tasty, nutty bread and a lovely homemade basil pesto. The Club Chicken was a little unbalanced, as there was a little too much old cheese on the bottom half. But once I mostly removed the almost spicy cheese, the wonderful, delicate chicken flavour was much better enjoyed.

I love this place, for the great food, the warm atmosphere, their organic ambitions, for the nice waiting staff and for their great location, in the middle of Amsterdam.

Homemade has a reading table, free wifi and a few small tables outside on the curb. They also offer a pick-up service: call your order in and the time when you would like to pick it up, and they make sure it is ready for you.

Singel 447
1012 WP Amsterdam