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Lovely Lab111

Friday I was researching a LivingSocial deal (something akin to Groupon) for a place called Lab111 when Levi texted me "Shall we go out to dinner tomorrow?" I replied "Good idea! I know just the place!"

Interior of Lab111 in AmsterdamLab111 is housed in a former pathological lab (Pathologisch Anatomisch Laboratorium, like it says over the main entrance of the place). The strange lamps over the big table opposite the bar remind visitors of the space's history. The rest of the interior is fabulous. The black walls with fluorescent stripes look modern and fresh. The restaurant is spacious, with lots of room between the tables. Bench seating lines the walls. We get a table in the corner, overlooking the entire space.

The waiter is sincerely friendly and hospitable. He greets us when we come in. We get fresh bread with a wonderful olive oil. Then drinks. And then, after he's given us time to acclimatise, we get a menu. I love it.

I opt for the thinly sliced beef with chicory, green beans and sage mayonaise. Levi gets the soup of the day (sweet potato and tomato). For my main course I choose the steak with string beans, but I ask our friendly waiter if I can get it with the homemade fries instead of gratin, and he allows me to do so. Levi orders the fish of the day: redfish with opperdoezer potatoes and roasted fennel.

Steak with string beans at Lab111 in AmsterdamThe starter of thinly sliced beef is very tasty, but what blows me away is my main course of steak. Cutting it is surprisingly easy and it just melts in my mouth. Delicious. The jus could have been a little more concentrated, but its flavour is lovely. And the homemade fries are just like I'd imagined: crunchy and golden. Levi is a little less rapturous about his redfish, but he deems it a good dish.

Lab111 in Amsterdam at nightThe place it quite full by now. All the tables are taken. There are a few people having drinks at the bar, waiting for a table.

Levi and I share a dessert: rhubarb cheesecake. We're both big fans of cheesecake. We've had good and we've had extremely bad cheesecake. But this. Is. Good. Cheesecake. It is soft, almost creamy, and amply speckled with vanilla. The bottom is fresh and crunchy and the rhubarb topping is tart. The whole thing is well balanced and possibly the best cheesecake we've had so far.

Aside from the food, the thing that makes or breaks an evening is the service. Our friendly bald waiter (he turned out to be the owner, which bodes well for Lab111) made our evening a pleasure. Levi's parents are coming over for a visit in September. We're still looking for a nice place to take them to eat, that will live up to their standards. Lab111 is a definite contender!

Arie Biemondstraat 111
1054PD Amsterdam