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A quick bite at Julia’s at Amsterdam CS

When you're going somewhere by train and want to have a quick bite at Amsterdam Central Station, you can get fast food at the Burger King, a plastic sandwich from Albert Heijn to go or, as of November 2008, a box of warm pasta Julia's Pasta.

grab a quick bite at Julia's Pasta at Amsterdam Central StationThe dishes are more or less prefab, and heated up and assembled right in front of you. Choose your pasta, your sauce and additional toppings if you like (each dish has a predetermined standard set of toppings), pay around 5 euro and then watch as one of Julia's employees throws everything together.

A prepackaged portion of frozen pasta goes into hot water, a ladle of sauce goes into the pan, toppings are sprinkled over (in my case: bacon bits, spring onions and parmesan cheese flakes) and hey presto! You can take a seat at one of the tables in the back with your carton of food and a piece of plastic cutlery.

I had the carbonara. It's no five star meal, but it's warm, it's filling, it's nourishing and cheap.

Also serves salads, sandwiches, tiramisu, prosecco and wine.

There is no website that I could find, no contactinformation either, but if you enter the station on the west side, it's the first shop on the left hand side in what currently serves as the main hall.