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Meet Silvia

Latest addition to our household: espresso machine Rancilio SilviaA few weeks ago I told you about our new espresso machine, Silvia. I said she was gorgeous, but I had not made a photo of her at the time. Well, here she is (click for larger image).

Levi and I got some new beans to try, the Aficionado from Brandmeesters (they are located conveniently closeby, can you tell?). Now that one packs a punch! Levi loves it. For me, I think Sodade is still the favourite.


I heart our new espresso machine

Levi and I did not give eachother Christmas presents in 2010. Instead of buying presents for eachother, we decided to buy ourselves an espresso machine. We were too busy right around the holidays, but the first weekend in January we got around to getting our new housemate. Her name is Silvia. The company that made her is called Rancilio. And she's gorgeous.

Now, having been a barista for a year, I figured I could get the hang of this home barista thing pretty quickly. But it's a whole different ballgame, I can tell you! After a few weeks of practicing though, I seem to be starting to get the hang of it. This is one of the first cappuccinos that I managed to make with a heart in the foam! I know, I know, it's not microfoam, but the heart is an accomplishment I was not able to get before, so I'm happy.

I heart cappuccinoThe most important thing is of course the taste. We invested a handsome sum in the machine itself, and do not have the money to buy the grinder that goes with it. So ready-ground is the way to go right now. Please don't lecture me on this, I know it's not optimal, but it's better than what we used to have!

I love Brandmeesters' Sodade beans: strong, with a full aroma, which tastes like dark chocolate. Levi is more a fan of the Equito, which is stronger, but less flavoursome, in my opinion. But then he just likes a good, strong cuppa.

Silvia, Sodade and Equito are available at Brandmeesters. They have branches in Haarlem, Utrecht and Van Baerlestraat 13 in Amsterdam. There's a webshop that sells their beans: (only available in Dutch).