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Craving for tapas? Paso Doble in De Jordaan

terrace at Paso DobleMatt and I have thing for Chinese. Once in a while though, we want something different, and yesterday I had a craving for tapas. I've been to one or two other places, but the best tapas in Amsterdam are to be had at Paso Doble in the Westerstraat.

So I reserved a table and there we were: drinking San Miguel on the terrace on a Wednesday afternoon, greedily soaking up the sun. It's not really summer yet, so after sunset the temperature gets a little chilly, but Paso Doble has terrace heating.

We started with pata negra and a basket of bread with aioli. I'd never had pata negra before, and for that money (E16,50! The most expensive thing on the menu, by far), I would never have thought of ordering it, but Matt insisted I should try.

According to Matt the cured ham was a bit thickly sliced, but my lord, the taste was gorgeous. The bread was fresh and the aioli was laden with garlic, creamy and sharp. We were off to a good start!

drinking San Miguel at Paso Doble in De JordaanA few San Miguels later we ordered calamari, gambas in garlic oil, merquez sausages and some more bread. The merquez are never my favourites, but you can wake me up for calamares with a squeeze of lemon.

Matt switched to red wine and we ended our feast with grilled veggies: eggplant, courgette, green asparagus and green and red peppers sprinkled with a little seasalt and a drizzle of olive oil.

You'd think we'd be full by now, but if you read my post about Monte Pelmo yesterday, you know better. Another thing you can wake me up for, as of yesterday: Monte Pelmo's lemon cheesecake icecream!

Paso Doble
Westerstraat 86
1015 MN Amsterdam