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Thank you Tuesday

Any day of the week is perfect for realising what you're thankful for.

- I handed in my thesis yesterday! I started the project around 5 months ago, thought up and did the research all on my own, and wrote a report about it, plus advice. Heart and soul have gone into that pile of paper. Hours and hours of work. It feels very strange to be done with working on it. Only a few more steps to go now, then I'm done with my studies!

- After handing it in, I didn't know what to do with myself, so I called some friends and we had drinks at Van Mechelen on the Sloterkade. The atmosphere is amazing, I love the interior styling. The staff is friendly, but forgetful. The food is mostly overpriced and then disappointingly portioned. But none of it really mattered, because I have friends who will come pick me up after having been AWOL for months.Thank you guys for hugs and talk and laughs.

-Levi's sister is coming for dinner. I've made onion soup for the first time in my life and it is amazing. Thank you Jamie Oliver for the recipe!

Summer in Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam- Last year's Summer was more of a prolonged Spring turning over into a very wet Autumn. But this year we had a prolonged Winter, that did finally turn into a lovely, sunny, warm Summer. So thank the weathergods for that. Lots of barbeques and picnics in the park, ice creams and long, relaxed evenings. I could do with a couple of more months like that, but I'm thankful for the Summer we've had.

- To say hello to Autumn, my yoga studio organised an event. On 21 September around 40 people did 108 sun salutations at Yagoy. Together with no one knows how many other people around the world (!) I worked up a sweat and struggled to keep up. Beforehand I had no idea how many 108 was, I only knew it sounded like a lot. In the end I got to 106, which is definitely more that I thought I would manage. Thank you Narges and crew for organising the event. It was great!

There really shouldn't be a downside to things you say thanks for, but I just have to say one more thing about the 108. It was great to do them, and I'm proud of my body and what it can do. But oh gods my muscles never hurt so much as the days after! But then I figure you appreciate things more if they come at a price. Next time I'll try and do the full 108!


Finding bliss in Amsterdam

Major changes have taken place in my life as of late. My contract at my job was not extended. I started my thesis research. I finished my last exam and no longer have to go to classes (yay!). And I've started taking yoga classes.

At one point, I was working, studying and doing thesis research at the same time. Needless to say that was ambitious and the stress of trying to keep three major balls in the air made the skin peel off my fingertips. So losing the job was both bad and good news. Finishing the last block of courses was inevitable and so now I get to focus on just one thing (well two, if you count looking for a job). After a couple of gruesome months, of doing too much at the same time, suddenly I found myself able to breathe again. What a relief!

I had been telling myself for ages that I needed to do more excercise. I had done Pilates by myself, and liked it very much, but couldn't find classes at times nor locations that suited me and so I abandoned the thought of excercise (for a few years).

yoga at Yagoy, Amsterdam West, image courtesy of Yagoy

A friend of mine suggested yoga. He was starting classes and invited me to try them together. I loved it, but the location was a bit of a hassle. I'm lazy at heart, so if it takes too much effort to organise going, then I'm very easily inclined not to go! Then I received a flyer (in my own mailbox! No effort involved there), for a place very close to home. Lots of classes to choose from. I had a stern talking to myself and went. And I've been going every week since.

Yoga to your liking
I love that I'm able to pick a class that suits me. I can switch days and instructors to my liking. If I'm feeling under the weather, I'll opt for relax yoga. But mostly I like to challenge myself and choose power yoga. And, having come to yoga out of a lack of something 'better' (strange choice of words maybe, but it simply wasn't my first choice. I hadn't expected it to be something for me). What surprises me is how much I enjoy going. I find that during those 75 minutes I work hard and through focusing on what I'm doing, completely let go of whatever else is going on in my head or body.

The fellow students and the instructors are so incredibly nice. Yesterday our instructor told us to be kind to ourselves. To challenge ourselves, but to be kind at the same time. She invites us to do things that I am not convinced I can do. But I do them and I am completely in awe of what my body can do. I can stand on my head!

A few weeks ago the same instructor told us to forgive ourselves. Now, I'm not into wishy washy spiritual mumbo jumbo. But this place suits me. The atmosphere suits me. And I love the people. I even love myself. Now all I have to do is forgive myself for not trying yoga sooner.

If you're stressed, try one of these:

Peter Hin yoga with Peter Hin at Centrum De Roos, Vondelpark;
or: Relax yoga at Yagoy, on the corner of Postjesweg and Hoofdweg.

And if you want to challenge yourself, try:
Power yoga at Yagoy.