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*Crickets chirping* – Or: Phase two

I know, I know, it's been really quiet here of late. The long and the short of it is: life got in the way. We got married (yay!), we went honeymooning in Sicily (yum!), and immediately after the honeymoon I started a new job, that required me to travel 1:45 hours every day, one way (so 3,5 hours per day)(urgh!). It all left me with very little time to undertake much of anything, or have the time to write anything about it, let alone work up pretty pictures to show you.

And then.... I got pregnant (yay! I think). Let me tell you: being pregnant, no matter how wanted, is no picnic. Somewhere near the end of the first trimester an acquaintance said to me: "Enjoy this time!" And I just looked at her blankly thinking: "Enjoy what exactly? The nausea? The fatigue? The constipation? The painful breasts? The crazy sense of smell? The raging, out of control hormones? The constant hunger, and the idiotic need to pee every few hours (yes, also at night)? Enjoy??? ARE YOU INSANE, WOMAN?" Wisely though, I kept my mouth shut.

It took me 37 years to get used to this body. And now I no longer recognise it. Everything is beyond my control. Thankfully, it got a little better after the first trimester ended (only a few weeks ago now). I'll not bore you with more details (ligament pain? Anyone heard of that? I hadn't, but I have it now!), but suffice it to say that of late, my world has been revolving more around obstetricians, strollers, cots, and the like, than around exploring Amsterdam and blogging about it.

I was actually working on this epic post about the organisation of our wedding, and all the lovely addresses I found in Amsterdam. Seriously, everything from flowers to custommade rings, shoes, underwear and tailored dresses. But it's still photoless, and I'm working up the courage to get to it.

The thing is, as far as hip and happening places are concerned, there are other blogs much more up-to-date and active than mine (like: yourlittleblackbook or Story 154). I think I've landed in another phase altogether. It'll be different kinds of finds, it will be different musings, tips and realizations. But as long as you don't mind, and are willing to grow with me, I'll try to keep this up!

Drop me a line!

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  1. Yeas, please continue! :-) There are people out there who are crazy about your blog and want to read it (and to get to know how things are perceived during the pregnancy could be a very interesting experience)! ;-)

  2. Congratulations :) My wife felt much the same about her pregnancy. She said it gets better even if it does take a little while for things to return to normal.

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