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“Cut me some slack!” – Or: A girl, yay!

So, as I was saying, during my first trimester of pregnancy (and a little after), I was a little annoyed with my body, it suddenly not being able to do all the things I had gotten used to it being able to do over the last 38 years. Like making it to the top of two flights of stairs without having to pause. Like going without a peebreak for more than two hours. Like getting through the day without feeling the overpowering need to nap at odd times. Like being able to go out drinking with my friends...

Of course my annoyance was not helping, needless to say. These days, a little over half of this whacky trip behind me, and having just found out we're having a girl, I have changed my mind. I realize that if my body could speak for itself, it would have punched me and said: "HEY! I'm building a friggin'' person here, cut me some slack!" And it would have been right.

Last week's ultrasound taught me that 1. We're having a girl (yay!) (although honestly, I would have said "yay!" to a boy too) 2. She seems to be healthy and doing well. And 3. I did that. Or rather, my body did, with some unhelpful mental resistance from me. I'm starting to feel rather proud of it.

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