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BelleMy name is Annabelle Gerard, or Belle for short. I live in Amsterdam, a city that I adore.

I'll tell you about my life,  about this place, where I live and and all the things that can occupy the mind of a girl in her thirties in this beautiful city.

I will share my experiences about the restaurants, the people, great shops, good coffee, life and even, occasionally, the weather.

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  1. I am running the burger blog and review site. I saw that you have burger reviews as well, and I would love to repost them on my site with your permission. I will of course mention you with a link back to your site on each review.

    Let me know if that is OK.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m a photographer who made a tribute to the feature that I enjoyed the most while living in Amsterdam: the Dutch brown café. Please have a look:

    Would love if it could be included in your links.

    Many thanks!


  3. Just stumbled across your page. I’m lovin’ it! Where are you from?

  4. Hi Annabelle, I like the culture of Netherland and I wonder if you -through your blog- can to help me learn and understand it. Thanks a lot for all information and pics. I follow you on twitter!!

  5. Hi Annabelle,

    I was looking for you last year, but then I couldn’t find you… and now I see you’ve been building quite a beautiful blog! Let’s have some bubbles soon and catch up on lost time!

  6. I changed jobs quite a while ago! So if you were looking for me at the old place, then yes, I was hard to find ;)

    I’d *love* to catch up soon! I still have the same number, let me know when’s good for you!

  7. Hello Belle,
    Somehow got to your blog thru I am from the United States and my husband and I are making our 3rd trip to Amsterdam for a week in March. We came for New Years in 2010 & 2011. We are coming for our anniversary this year. Can you give me some tips on restaurants you prefer and any local non-touristy bars that are comfy. Thanks!

  8. Well, I’ve recently become a huge fan of restaurant Zurich on Mercatorplein. It’s not much to look at from the outside, but don’t let that deter you! It’s incredibly comfy inside, with an open fireplace and welcoming staff and excellent food. A little off the beaten path, but well worth the trouble and affordable too, with mains around 15-18 euro.

    I’ve also been to restaurant Open behind the Central Station a few times to great satisfaction. Had white fish with an oyster sauce (the actual mollusc, not the asian ‘oyster sauce’) that I will remember forever. Fun fact: this restaurant has walls of glass and is housed on what used to be a railway bridge that is now permanently ‘open’. Prices slightly higher than Zurich, if memory serves, but a memorable experience!

    Have fun!

  9. Hi there Annabelle!
    I recently read your blog, very interesting! I am also an expat here in the Netherlands, working for the Anne Frank House. I was wondering if you would like to check out our new App, Anne’s Amsterdam and let us know what you think? Would you prehaps be able to write about it in your blog? If you could, please feel free to email me. :-)

  10. I’m embarassed to admit I’ve never been to the Anne Frank House. I know the story, and I think it’s good to keep the memory of WOII alive in this way. But when I see the long, long lines outside, it totally puts me off.

    It’s the difference between being a tourist and living somewhere I think. I much more like to find out the places no one else knows about, instead of getting in line with about a million other people, just to see what everyone else has also seen.

  11. I am loving your Blog!!! Is hard to find Good quality unique Blogs. Lately it seems they are all about “Outfit of the Day & blah blah blah” Nothing wrong with that but just the same all the time… But I definitely love the Style of Blog and uniqueness of your Blog!
    So glad I found it! I am visiting Amsterdam next Weekend for the first time! Soo excited!

    Best wishes,

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